Differences between Totem Model 1- bi vs Model 1-Sig


Has anyone had the chance to compare the Totem Model 1-bi vs the Totem Model 1-Sig? Is it worth to upgrade?

My other question is:
How to know if a Totem Model 1-bi has been upgraded to the Signature version (I bought an used Model 1-bi that has been advertized has upgraded to Signature but I'm not so sure it has been)

I believe its internal silver wiring; upgraded gold-colour bi-wire terminals (like my Totem Mani-2's), and possibly a crossover change? Contact Totem, give them the serial #, and they will confirm your model.
I recently listened to the Model-1s and the Mani-2s monitors. The Mani-2s sounded alot like my Proac 2.5's - a very balanced sound that didn't indicate the need for a sub. The Model-1s had incredible soundstage, though it seemed a bit emphasized in the upper midrange. I compared it with the B&W Nautilus 805 which had a more open sound (less nasal) - but despite the Model-1s midrange emphasis, I think I would choose it above the N805's due to its warmer sound and smaller size. The soundstaging was very good on both of these speakers, both better than the Mani-2s. But the Mani-2's were more balanced over the entire frequency range.

Anyhow, my opinions aside, I'm thinking about purchasing the model 1 minimonitors. Can anybody describe the difference between the signatures and the standard units? Given the upper midrange emphasis, I'd want to choose whichever ones have the least emphasis in this frequency range. Thanks.
contact Vince at Totem- he can answer this one