Differences between TNT 5 and 6

Hi Folks:

Three years ago I had the pleasure of listening to the then flagship of the VPI line, TNT 5 Hot Rod with VTL and Wilson speakers at the NY audio show. Since the TNT 6 is now the replacement, and uses the new bearing and platter, I was wondering what the differences are in direct listening comparisons hopefully with the same record.

I have heard the 6 has more "zip" but I lean towards detail with a hint of warmth or richness and would like to hear other opinions.

Thank you for reading.

Own the TNT 5 and have heard the 6. The difference was not apparent to my ears. If I decide to stay with VPI, I'll go for the HRX. However, the sound from the TNT 5 is quite extraordinary, specially when using the SDS speed control. Very pleased also with the JMW 12.5 and the ZYX Airy I have mounted at the present time.

Good luck in your search.
I've been upgrading my TNT for years (SAMA, flywheel,
bearing, air suspension, SDS) to the point when it is
almost at Mk. 5 status, but with the Mk. 1 platter (I hear
that this was considered a warmer and possibly superior
platter to those that followed). The upgrade to the
new generation TNT seems to require a major retooling
and I am quite reluctant to step over that cliff.

That said, I have been very happy with my TNT ``almost 5''.
An earlier issue that I had with the platter stopping was
nicely resolved by VPI by replacing the flywheel.

At this point, I am tempted by some of the super tables,
like the SpJ, which looks quite beautiful and may even
sound as nice. But I am not going further up the VPI
food chain.