Differences between Technics SP10 and SP25?

I see these two turntables come up for sale. Seems the SP25 goes for less than the SP10mkII. What are the differences between these two turntables? Are their motors and platters the same? Do they sound different from each other?
The 25 is closer to the SL1200 series and doesn't do 78rpm. The 10 is much more robust and has an outboard power supply and wired remote. The motors and platters are different.
Dear Tube540: Other than what Rwwear posted I can add that the SP25 is the starting/lower model on the Technics SP TT series, after it is the SP15 ( that comes with the 78rpm and a different weight platter ) and then the two top Technics ( stand alone ) TTs: the SP10-MK2 and MK3, these two are a lot better than the other two ( not only whit different platters or external power supply but the main specs are different too and for the better on the SP10s. ) and the differences on the Japan price when were on the market ( 1982 ) can tell you about: 60K Yens for the SP25 and 150K Yens for the SP10MK2 the MK3 was even costly.

Anyway the SP25 is a good and trusty TT.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Actually, the specs (W&F, rumble, speed error) for the SP-25 and the SP-10 MK2 are identical (also identical to the SP-15 and SL-1200 series MK2 and above). It's only on the the SP-10 MK-3 that the specs improve-but then, it cost twice as much (new) as the SP-10 MK2!
I have a MK-3. Lovely TT.
Dear Johnbrown: This is what states the HI-FI Japanese Stereo Guide Audio Bible about and IMHO the one to go ( USA magazines and even the English manual is a little different ):

SP25/SP15 ( similar specs ), wow and flutter: 0.025%, speed accuracy: 0.002%, signal to noise ratio: 78db.

SP10MK2, wow and flutter: 0.02%, speed accuracy: 0.001% and signal to noise ratio: 86db.

SP10MK3, w&f: 0.015%, sa: 0-001% and snr: 92db.

Iowned the SP15 and own some SP10MK2 and IMHO I can asure you that are really different quality performers, no doubt about.

John think on this: do you think that the SP10MK2 cost 130% more than the SP25 only because an external power supply?, no way!

Regards and enjoy the music.
Sorry: 150%!!!
Raul, this spec sheet for (virtually) all Technics decks shows the specs for the SP10 MK2 exactly the same as the SL-12XXMK2, the SP-25, and the SP-15.


Also, the owners manual for the SP-10MK2 verifies those specs, with a slight difference in rumble-however, since those measurements were attained using different parameters, it's difficult to quantify.


As for:

John think on this: do you think that the SP10MK2 cost 130% more than the SP25 only because an external power supply?, no way!

you'll have to point out exactly where I said that, because I can't seem to find it. It's certainly not what I believe and know-besides the external PS, the SP-10 series has a much larger stator and ring magnet, higher quality circuitry, a heavier platter, and a much more robust build quality in deference to it's market, which was radio stations and professional use.
Dear John: THis is what I posted: +++++ " ( USA magazines and even the English manual is a little different )" +++++

that's why the differences but I have to tell you that this not only happen with Technics but with Denon and other Japanese audio items, the Japanese manual is different. Normaly I go with the source or the nearer to the source and the Japanese Audio Bible IMHO is very good about.

Anyway this is not the main thread's subject.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Tube540, those tt's are quite different from each other, though technical parameters have very little to do with that. In my opinion (and I tried all of them) the main issue is weight, and this can be easily changed using DIY plinth. Also, considering that all these models are out of production for many years now it is important to understand where they are coming from. I doubt you want to buy a table that has been working 24/7/365 for the past 10 years or more.
There was an SP-10 Mk II that recently traded cheaply on ebay, that reportedly worked except for a failed external power supply. Anybody know if its external PS is a repairable or replaceable item?
Dear Dgarretson: Replaceable item if you find another second hand and repairable for any good technician even you could find the service manual here: www.vinylengine.com

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dave, Of all things, the external supply of the SP10 MkII is likely to be most repairable. The only possible problem I can think of is that some of the ss devices used therein may be no longer in production, but in most cases there should be modern available devices that can do the same job. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of caps, resistors, etc. Most folks are empirically replacing the electrolytic caps in the PS, just because they are inevitably more than 20 years old, if no previous repair has been done. However, if the motor is kaput, then the table is kaput.
Dear John: Here is some info that confirm what I posted about specs value differences on the same model, take the Denon-DP 80 on Vinylengine and if you go here: http://www.vinylengine.com/library/denon/dp-80.shtml

you can read that the Rumble is -77db but ( same vinylengine ) if you go here: http://www.vinylengine.com/library/denon/direct-drive-turntables.shtml

then you can read -80db on the same spec.

Regards and enjoy the music.