Differences between Tannoy Stirling and Turnberry?

I am looking at the tannoy prestige range and looking for any experiences with the range. Hope to buy one but don't know many people that own them.
They both use the 10 inch coaxial driver array. Turnberry has a slightly larger cabinet, so better bass response. Note: I will start retailing the Prestige line in February, Departure Audio. They are very special loudspeakers, unique in many ways. I'm not a Tannoy expert at this point, but many expereienced "Tannerds" feel that the pepper pot wave guide and alnico magnet system really optimize this design. You would need to step up to the Kensington model to get those features. The Kensington is also a 10" coaxial. I'll be showing the larger Canterbury model.
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Where are you located?
Are you in FORT COLLINS, CO?

Yes, Fort Collins.
I would love to hear Tannoys!
I've heard that the best Tannoys are those with a 15" woofer.
Got stirling for a month, wouldn't go back....
I ending up buying the Kensington SE. Best speaker I have ever owned.