Differences between Rega P3, P3-24 and P3-2000

Hello everyone, new to this site.

I'd like to find out how does one visually distinguish a Rega P3 from a P3-24 and a p3-2000.

Also how different are the versions and what changes were made?

Thank you
I suggest that you "google" the term "Rega P3-24." There are many very well written reviews out there that clearly explain the differences between the tables. The major improvements seen in the P3-24 include a new tonearm, upgraded motor, different plinth composition, and the ability to use an external power supply. HAve fun with your research, and Happy Listening !!
A quick call to Chad from The Sound Organization, who are the US distributors, told me everything I wanted to know on top of that he took the time to educate me on the differences between a P1 and a P3.