Differences between Paradigm Link and Sonos Connect

Hello to all. I hope this is the right location for this topic. If it is not, forgive me and I will post it again. I am wanting to replace my 15 y/o Yamaha AV receiver with something current, has HDMI etc. I am considering the Anthem MRX 520. I can only really use 5.1.  This is in the living room. I use Spotify and Tune in etc. for music. Sometime Airplay, but not to often. Which of the two players would fit the bill. Please don"t bash the players, I just would like to know advantages or disadvantages. I have read the manufacturers papers, but would like to hear from you. I already have a Paradigm PW 600 and 800 in the house. My Marantz SR 5010 in the bedroom has Spotify connect, Airplay, Online music etc. Should I consider another Marantz for the living room?  The Anthem would require another purchase of either paradigm or Sonos to get what I want. Is their another manufacture I should consider. I do have a small connection to both brands so I can get a few bucks off. Thankx for the input.
Sonos is going to give you access to more music services, Play-fi is going to give you better sound quality.  Play-fi supports up to 24/192 and sonos supports up to 16/48.  Play-fi supports airplay, but not all manufacturers support it in their players.  Sonos does not support airplay.  I used to like the Sonos app for it's simplicity, but now the Play-fi app is easier to use.  The Sonos is more mature.  Apps are inter-changeable on Play-fi; ei you can use the Polk Play-fi app to control a Definitive Technology player.  Play-Fi supports Spotify Connect, but not Tune-in radio.  It does support internet radio.  Both Sonos and Play-Fi promise Amazon Alexa control.

Anthem makes really nice equipment and it's hard to beat ARC.  

Right now, Definitive Technology has the W-Adapt on sale for $199 on their website.   

I have Sonos, Play-Fi (Def Tech and Anthem), Google Chromecast (audio and video) and Logitech squeezebox's (5) in my home.  Hope this helps, but is probably going to confuse you.