Differences between MC7205 and MC205

Hi Guys. I am upgrading my HT system from 5 to 9 channels. I currently have a MC205 and looking to add another 4/5 channels amp. So I saw this MC7205 and it cost substantially lower than MC205. Question to the Mcintosh Pro, what are the differences? I assume no issue matching MC205 and MC7205 for the 5.2.4 atmos setup?
I have owned a 7205 and currently own a 205. The 205 & 207 are basically identical in build by the way, sans the 2 Channels. That aside the 205 is a much better sounding amp, McIntosh employees a Motorola chipset that was designed to replicate the performance characteristics of their signature autoformer, used in higher end amps. This brings the musicality to a higher level of reproduction and also allows the amp to be quicker and more responsive.
The 7205 was designed and built back when Mc was owned by Clarion and they used the same amp circuit topography in the MC150, MC162, & MC206. These were good amps but I felt the musical warmth was lacking by comparison to the Motorola Chipset. Also I always had an annoying power supply hum in the 7205 that forced me to isolate the amp with Sorbethane and another issue I found irritating was the Power Sentry engaged way to often. In my years with the 205 I have only had the PS engage once and, I confess, I was driving it hard with Cowboys and Aliens. And even then just the one time. I do use a 402 for front channels but have used the 205 at times and again, I will say the 402 is a different animal altogether, the 205 does deliver music to be very pleasing to the ear. I realize that you could save on the 7205 as it is quite a bit older, the 205 in my experience has it beat in every aspect. Also if you compare the build, you will see the 205 is a better design as well. One final note the 7205 is backlit with bulbs, which I am now an expert at changing, the 205 uses LED that are quieter via the power supply.
Thanks for detail. I guess I will match the mc205. 
I use my 7206 (6 channels, 100 wpc) and it has held up amazingly well and sounds great.  A few bulbs have burnt out which seems chronic in the 72xx models.  I love this amp.  It does a great job when bridged also.
From what I know, the 7205 is the same but 100 x 5.  The 205 and 206 are 200 wpc beasts.  Also, look at the price differences.  You get what you pay for.  I would have bought a 205/6 if it were in my budget....
I did fail to mention the 7205 was 200 watts at 8 ohms and 120 watts at 4 ohms, where as the 205 is 200 per channel at either 8 or 4 ohms to keep with the same performance as when autoformer a are employed. It sounds like you are planning on the 205 already, but thought I would make note of that. 
Good listening, sautan904

Will go with the MC207 on top of my MC205 to get 7.2.4 Atmost!!!
Nice combination, you should get great results.
thanks for sharing