Differences between ayon 07 vs ayon 07s


     Does anyone know the differences between these two and has anyone heard both of them  and formed an opinion on which they preferred. I have a chance to save $500.00 on the older ayon 07model. Just not sure what to do. Thanks for your time and response...Mainsound
There does not appear to be much of a "used" market for Ayon in the USA. The OP was 1 year old w/o any replies. That's what I found when I started looking at Ayon gear in Autumn 2015. I ended up calling the two dealers of record: USATUBE and The Cable Company. ...Then, I emailed Ayon directly in Austria and I finally got answers.

Great gear, I have the Ayon 07 CD player and it is excellent. I also have an Ayon Triton III integrated running KT88s ...It blows away all my audio friends. The nights always run long, "can I listen to..." and then we drink too much. It really is great gear, solid and sounds phenomenal.
Ayon! Big money! Quality sound! Darn slim following! Ayon demands top money! Not sure sound is worth the money!