Differences between Aragon Palladium Models

Can anyone explain the differences between the Aragon Palladium, Palladium II, and Palladium 1K amps?

The 1K's have different cosmetics than the other two species.

The Palladium II's don't seem to have any special markings to differentiate them from the originals - how can you tell?

Finally, what are the performance/ build differences?
The II's and 1K amps are identical internally.

I think you can tell the II's from the I's by looking at the writing on the back of the amps. The I's are based on the 4004 series and the other two based on the 8008 series. You can find more info on the Klipsch.com forum.
Thanks for the tip - according to the forum, the original Palladium is based on the 4004, and the Palladium II is based on the 8008 (as Ender mentioned).

The original came only in a balanced input configuration. The II came in single ended and balanced configurations.

The original has 16 output transistors, the II has 24 output transistors, more heatsink area, and more power supply capacitance.

THe 1K is electrically identical to the Palladim II - just cosmetic differences.

To tell the difference between an original and a II, look at the top cover heatsink area. If the cover is a single piece covering the heatsink, the amp is an original. If the heatsink is in two pieces each attached to a seperate section of cover, you have a Palladium II.

Palladiums (Palladia?) were built in matched pairs. The left amp always has an even serial number. The matching right amp has an odd serial number one greater than the left amp.