Difference w/ Ayre Amps

Can anyone tell me the difference between the V-5xe and the V-1xe besides the power difference of 50 watts (V-5xe is 150W (@ 8 ohms) with the V-1xe 200W (@ 8 ohms)? Is the difference of 50 watts even audible? The V-1xe is twoce the cost of the V-5xe and I suspect there must be something else going on.
For double the price you don't get double the improvement, but when you get to this price range & above, it's all about diminishing returns.

The main things the 1 will give you over the 5 is more authoritative bass & better mid resolution. The increased power gives you more headroom too, so the presentation is a tad more dynamic. The main difference between these two amps is the 1 has a toroid while the 5 has an iron core, plus the 1 has twice as many power outs as the 5. At least that's what I recall from looking under the hood. Oh, and I believe the 1 weighed in at 95 lbs. and the 5 was about 55 lbs.

I had both pieces as the x version and only upgraded the 1 to e status. I think the 5 is a sleeper but I could be happy w/either piece.
The other difference is twice the output devices 32 vs 16.