Difference Virtual Dynamics Nite 2 and Master

What are the differences between Nite 2 and Master ?
I have had experince with the difference of these two grades for hteir power cords. Essentially, the Master series retains the dynamic capabilites of the Nite but they are a lot more natural and timbrally accurate. It's a very noticeable difference. in my experience, these cables need significant break-in time. ~3-4 months with normal playing.

The Revelation series takes it one step further. I highly recommend the Master. I think it reprersents the best value in their line.

I never tried these analog ICs but I did compare these 2 digital digital coax cables. Master is better than NiteII by a nice margin. To breifly describe the difference between these 2 digital ICs, the NiteII sounds a little slower by comparison(although you probably won't know that until you compared it to the Master). Master retreives the detail to the last bit and never sounds bright. It sounds like live music more than any other digital cable I have ever auditioned. At the same time, the highs are very smooth and in no way it sounds digital. But still, the NiteII was one awesome digital cable to listen to. I purchased the Master digital, have 75 hours on it and it still is not fully broken in yet. VD says at least 200 hours. But in 75 hours it have improved and is already much better than NiteII. If full break in takes it even further, it is going to be very hard to find a cable that's better than this. Only the VD Revalation series may be able to pull it off.
I've compared the Nite 2 and the Master digital cables.

The master is more dynamic, and you will get more space.
As you mentioned "Audphile1" you will also get more "speed".

I don't even want to try the revelation serie !!
I have upgraded from Nite to Master from Master to Revelation digital cable. I cannot resist the dynamics and detail level of each step up. The Master digital represent the best value among the three. What keep me upgrading in the VD family is the treble and bass are so natural and authoritative. Bass is so deep and tonally defined. I tried many diff. digital cable before, I finally rest my money on the Revelation. Of course, it hurts when you pulling the money out of the wallet. Go for the master digital to maximize the value !
What about the speaker cables in these two lines?
Read my previous answers that deal with the differences in these cables.I have extensive experiences with a number of vd cables and am currently using a Revelation Signiture digital ( this cable blows my Aural Symphonics v2 glass clean out of the water).If you love music then vd can provide it in spades.Take care Dennis
I can't address the Nite2 or Master speaker cables, but I have a bi-wire pair of Revelations that now have about 800 hours on them and they are further opening up in clarity, soundstaging and musicality. Unlike ANYTHING I have ever heard, anywhere, at any price. (Obviously cables are system dependent, but in mine, these cables are startlingly great at this point, up from merely excellent several hundred hours ago).

You are talking about revelation signature digital cable, i don't see anything on their website.
What are the differences ?
Robertje,the Vd cable that you speak of is the top of the line cable that is signed by the man himself Rick Shultz.The Signature is a step above the Revelation and offers superb (the best natural dynamics and resolution ) musical results that may be the best cable in existance. This cable is 6 gauge and is substantial in size (it weighs 11.5lbs for the balanced xlr digital}it offers dynamics that are so fundementally right.I have never heard such bass out of my MFA D75 amp,it is so defined that it actually fleshs room boundries.The bass not only eminates from it's created position in the soundstage, but, also helps define the room inwhich it is played.The treble is so extended that it becomes sweet sounding allowing one to hear how a symbol is being struck.The tones off strings are so sweet and full bodied that you hear all of the wood of the instrument as it played. One thing that does set it apart from my revelation cable is how dynamic the cable can be without sounding etched or forced in even the slightest way.Music plays with such authority and three dimesional space that one does truly feel totally enveloped by the venue.Choral such as Proprius's Cantae Domino offer a vast cathederal venue with huge images that exceed my room boundries in width and depth.Breath taking singing as well as powerful organ playing that rumbles through the room defining the height of the organ and the church.I can only imagine this cable once it breaks in (600 hours)since I am only at 350 hours and it is stunning in it's very refined and musical way.Please e-mail me if you have any specific questions.Take care Dennis
I have switched from standard Revelation to the Signature and agree with all of Cenline's comments. It killed the standard (>600 hours) in the first hour of play....and the standard Revelation is no slouch.
I have a Nite II and a Master power cord. Which configuration would produce the best result?

a) Nite II on the line conditioner/ Master on the power amp?
b) Master on the line conditioner/ Nite II on the power amp?
I would try option A first. You should also try option C. Master direct into AC outlet skipping the conditioner. I found that I got better results by bypassing my Shunyata Hyrda.
Ahh...thanks for the input. What's your reasoning behind both options? I agree with you on option C (power cord directly to the outlet).