Difference Maker!

Its been a while since I've posted, but I just had to share the difference maker I obtained today by having my ears flushed at a walk-in clinic.

I'm 58 and know I'm not able to hear what I once could, but wanted to make the most of what's left. And this really helped. I encourage all to consider the thought of an ear "tune up" if you suspect you're hearing is being hampered by simple ear wax. 

Fact is I'm at a point in my life where I've got financially ability and have assembled my best system, a $60k system. What a shame it would be to miss out on what it has to offer by not being able to hear it to the best of my ability! Now on, I'm keeping up with good ear maintenance!

Just couldn't hold back on sharing...

Good listening,
Unfortunately for me, I had my ears professionally cleaned and then had a hearing test. I can’t hear much if anything over 8K. The Audiologist told me it is quite normal for a 67 year old man. I had noticed the treble wasn’t as prominent as it used to be and now I know why.  I was wondering why the Focal speakers my friend had with the BE tweeters didn’t  feel like an ice pick in my ears. For the time being, a 2db treble boost on the preamp seems to have helped quite a bit until I research a audiophile approved hearing aid. It took me 50+ years to finally get my dream system, only to be held back by hearing loss. Life is not very fair!

i have been very careful with my ears the past 30 years or so but when in my teens and early 20’s, I went to many Rock concerts where I was sitting close to the speakers and my ears would be ringing for days afterwards. If I knew then this would happen, I would have been more careful. I have no one to blame but myself😥

stereo5 -

I think you speak for many when you say "It took me 50+ years to finally get my dream system, only to be held back by hearing loss. Life is not very fair!". So true. If I could only hear the system I have now with the hearing I had in my youth. I too am missing out on the higher end of the spectrum sometimes leaving me doubting my equipment.

I too look back and think how I should have done things differently. Well, I'm stuck with what I have and now will just make the most of it (hearing protection when needed, no more high-volume listening, keeping my ears cleaned).

Thanks for your response. I hope some of the younger crowd takes notice...

The obvious solution is to be born with Benjamin Button's disease. The one where you're born a wizened old baby and then get younger as you get older so that when you're 70 you're 20. Unfortunately only one case so far, and with rumors of CGI involvement you never know.
"I can’t hear much if anything over 8K"

You have great hearing. Mine fades past 7khz, along with RAGING tinnitus. Things are just a little challenging, but the music sounds the same. 

Hearing aids before I go deaf, are in my future.