difference in Vandy 2CE- Signature 2CE

What is the difference between the Vandersteen 2CE and the signature 2CE?

System is Jolida JD-100 level 1 mod- Underwood Hifi
Marsh line stage balanced outputs
PS Audio HCA-2 Better caps wire ect.
room size 23 feet x 28 feet x 8 feet 8 inches

considering Vandys, Hammer Dynamics, and Omega Hemp speakers or the A8s

Hope to stay close to the $1,200 price range.
New drivers, upgraded crossover, barrier strip replaces the banana jacks and most importantly, a much better speaker from top to bottom. Better mids, more extended and transparent. Don't bother with the model. The differences are pretty significant.
Narrod is correct.... See the Vandersteen web site.