Difference in Jolida JD 100 and JD 100a?

I have narrowed down my search for a good cd player to the Jolida Jd100a. I am seeing classified ads for the Jolida jd 100 as well as the 100a. What, if any are the differences between the two? I am looking for an unmodded unit. If I decide to have it modded, I want to be the one to decide which mods will suit my system best.

Presently, my system consists of a Classe' Model Ten amp, Modulus 3 preamp with 6H23EB tubes, Marantz sa8001 sacd, Magnum Dynalab Etude tuner, Vpi/Rega/Grado analog rig and Vandersteen 2CE Signature speakers. I am running Audioquest Indigo Blue speaker cable for the bass, and MIT Terminator 2 speaker cable for the mids/treble. My interconnects are mit Terminator 2 and I am also using a Shunyata Guardian 2, and a Shunyata venom, diamondback and king Cobra power cords. Mt system is on its own 20 amp dedicated line.

I am less than satisified with the Marantz sacd player. It sounds wonderful on sacd, but a bit bright on redbook cd's. I am hoping the Jolida with tube output will cure the excessive brightness. I have already tried many different interconnects on the Marantz to try and tame the brightness.

If anyone can enlighten me on the difference between the two Jolidas, I would be very grateful.


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No difference.

I had one and it should solve your brightness issue. Get the Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand tubes for it. You will be glad you did.

Buy it with the Wally mod as modded players that are selling bring very little "money back" for the seller on the money spent on the mod.

The Wally modded Jolida 100a is up for sale on the 'Gon at a good price.

Make him an offer.