difference in design between digital/analog cables

There is a very educational thread going on in the digital forum about digital cables, and I was wondering how the design considerations differ between a digital cable going from the computer to a re-clocker, vs. a digital cable going from the re-clocker to the DAC, vs. the analog cable going from the DAC to the pre-amp. What should I be looking for when upgrading these cables, do they all share similar characteristics?
As far as I know, you would use the same digital cable going from a PC to the reclock as you would from the clock to the dac. So, if I'm reading your question right, you would need to get 2 digital cables. Most people would probably get 2 that are exactly the same but you could use different ones. It would still work. Going from the DAC to the preamp, you would just use a standard pair of analog interconnects.
What I'm asking is, how does the different nature of a digital vs. analog signal affect the design of the cable?