Difference bewteen McCormack DNA-2 & DNA-1 ??

Can someone tell me the difference bewteen the DNA-2 & 1 in terms of specifications,dimensions, circuitry, parts quality, etc.
What is the dimension of the DNA-2?
What are the differences bewteen the DNA-2 Deluxe & Standard version?
Which amp is better value for the money?
dna-2 19"w 9 1/4"h 21"d
300 watts 8 ohms
600 watts 4 ohms
-3dB @ 0.5Hz, 200 kHz
don't have specs on dna-1
Both of the McCormack Amps are of excellent quality. You won't be unhappy with either of them. As the birdman stated the DNA-2 is rated at 300 W into 8 ohms and the DNA-1 is rated at 185 W into 8 ohms. A more significant difference is that the DNA-2 is a ballanced amplifier design while the DNA-1 and 0.5 are not. If you don't have an extreemly demanding set of speekers to drive you can't beat the deals on the used DNA-1s. Get the Deluxe versions as they have better input and output connectors as well as some other upgrades. There was a DNA-1 Rev A for just under $1700 if I didn't already have a DNA-2 myself I would have bought it.

Also, the DNA2DLX has four pairs of high quality output terminals (Cardas I believe), Van den hul wiring and some other "up-graded parts" which made it about $700. more expensive (MSRP) than the standard version. But to really understand the differences, call and talk to Steve McCormack or Kris Jeter at SMC Audio. Re: the DNA1 vs 2, the 2 also has balanced inputs whereas the DNA1 does not.

But cost wise, I think you're mainly paying for the increased power of the DNA2. I've owned both of these amps "long term", and if you don't need the power of the 2, then the 1 is more cost effective. Still, I use, and prefer the DNA2DX Rev. A for it's liquidity, sense of ease, and natural presentation, but I think I could be just as happy with a DNA1 Rev. A (I no longer need the power of the DNA2, but did when I got it). Also, use the A'Gon search engine for "McCormack"-- a lot of info. there. Cheers. Craig
There is also the DNA-2 LAE (Limited Anniversary Edition) which according to one reviewer IAR's Peter Moncrief labeled the best solid state amp made in 1998/1999. It is supposedly head and shoulders over the DNA-2 Deluxe and standard DNA-2. Same power output but different transistors, etc.. and cost $2000 more than the deluxe.

I bought a used DNA-2 LAE last summer and love it. Rumor has it that the LAE version is about or almost as good as any DNA-2 Revision A.

McCormack only made 50 DNA-2 LAE's.

If you were interested in a DNA-2 or DNA-1, your most cost efficient strategy would be to purchase a used DNA standard version and then have Steve modify it to a REV A for $2500.

I will add just a few comments:
1) DNA-1 dimensions are 19W x 7H x 15D. Shipping weight is about 55 pounds.
2) DNA-2 shipping weight is about 92 pounds.
3) The DNA-2 is laid-out as a dual-mono amp. There is a single toroid transformer, but it has separate windings for each channel.
4) The DNA-2 is not a "balanced" amplifier, but it does include balanced inputs.
5) Parts quality is, in general, exactly the same for all DNA amps. The transistors are the same in ALL models. Deluxe versions include a slected set of premium-grade parts, including Cardas hardware, Caddock and Vishay resistors, and Harris soft-recovery diodes for the front-end circuitry.
6) I don't have the exact figure, but the total number of DNA-2 LAE (Limited Anniversary Edition) amps is under 100. The LAE model came with a special faceplate (thicker, Gold lettering), custom speaker connector system, thicker output circuit boards (.080" vs. .062"), a full complement of Vishay resistors, and a Cardas AC cord.
7) With a good AC cord, performance of the DNA-2 Deluxe is very similar to the LAE model (although the LAE still has a slight edge).

If you would like to discuss this further, please give me a call at 760-732-0352, 9-6 PST (California), M-F.

Best regards,

Steve McCormack, designer
McCormack Audio (www.McCormackAudio.com)
SMc Audio (www.SMcAudio.com)
Steve- many thanks from all of us. You are a class act (and I love my DNA-1, Rev. B)
Yep, I love my DNA-225, too. May have to call to see if Steve has anything in mind to sweeten its pot even more!

I seriously doubt Conrad-Johnson would endorse Steve upgrading the new McCormack amps, but you can take solace in the fact that many of the upgrades involved in the SMcAudio revisions have already been incorporated into your amp(I believe on par with the B revisions).