Difference between white and pink noise

Could someone tell me the difference between the two? I am using a pink noise track on repeat to speed break in of some new speakers, and was wondering if white noise (which I dont have) would be any different/better. Thanks in advance,...Mike
Pink noise is equal sound pressure for each octave, white noise is equal sound pressure at each frequency.

Remember, as you go up in pitch, there are twice as many frequencies in each succesive octave (between 220 and 440 Hz, vs. 440 and 880 Hz, for instance). Therefore, white noise has considerably more high frequency content.

Therefore, for room equalization, Pink noise is generally used. It's also popular for break-in, as it more closely resembles complex music in frequency distribution.

Then what is interstation FM hiss classified as? White or pink or neither?
FM Hiss is random noise, that is white noise.

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