Difference between the Wadia 581 and Wadia 581 SE

Does anyone know the sonic difference between the Wadia 581 and Wadia 581 SE ?
I have a 581 that I upgraded to SE. My 581 had software glitches that were solved with the upgrade. Much better sounding player now. Deeper soundstage, more separateion between instruments and trouble free. The SACD and CD are now much closer in volume than before too. There are new transformers, and unduction board, the clock is reworked etc. Ther will tell you what is involved. I also got a new transport out of it. It was 2000.00 I would also recommned getting the 581 if it was a good price (4500 or so) and do the SE for a treat later. Highly recommended. Good luck
how can you tell if a wadia 581 player is an SE version. are there some distinguishing marks or something.
Sm2727 Thank you.
The display will tell you that it is a SE.