Difference between the VPI Aries 2 & Scoutmaster?

What sonic differences could one expect between these 2 tables. I believe the Aries 2 has the original heavy platter but I'm not sure. The question has been on my mind for some time. I have the SM sig and am satisfied with that table. But I have to wonder if the Aires line offers more and how much for the price difference? Considering the upgrade path for the SM one has to wonder if the fully modded SM will at least compete with the Aires line.
Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks
I've had an Aries 2/10.5 combo for about six years and I still have no sense that I need to upgrade, it is totally satisfying. Haven't heard an SM but I can't believe it is that much different. The Aries is finished a high level and the JMW arm is extremely well made. Plus you probably know all about the endless tweaking one can do with this setup. I found the best settings and I leave it alone.
I have a Superscoutmaster/10.5i and second Stevecham's remarks. The Aries is a bigger table and can accomodate 12 inch arms.
Let me likewise express my complete satisfaction with my Aries 2. I have upgraded to the dual motor /flywheel, which was a significant jump in performance. To echo Steve's sentiments, despite changing out virtually every other component in my system, I have never felt the need or desire to replace the Aries. Its just one of those components where you are just left with the feeling that you have reached the point of diminishing returns and that an improvement, if there is one to be had, would be minimal and not necessarily worth the investment. Moreover, if and when I do feel like experimenting, there is always the rim drive or the super platter or an XLR junction box, or the new mini feet and whatever Harry Weisfeld next has up his sleeve to improve his existing product line. Despite all these available upgrades, I have yet to feel the need to change. Moreover, unlike some, I do not find the available upgrades frustrating. They are there to take advantage of, or not, at your discretion. What I find frustrating are manufacturers who constantly bring to market improved versions which are not adaptable to existing versions and which render the older models obsolete and worth a fraction of their original value.
I have a standard Aries 3, I think the 10.5 is the longest arm I can mount or you can mount other arms like a SME.

I thought that the Aries series can use a longer arm..sorry. My Superscoutmaster has the rim drive, heavy platter, and feet. If you have a dual motor, do consider the rim drive..it makes quite a difference...the heavy platter is also worth it. The feet, although it's use is a subtle upgrade, it makes leveling the table much easier. When the cones are adjusted, an instability is introduced..not so with the mini=feet.
I think the fully modded Scout line will defintely compete with the Aries line. I have the fully modded SSM and it is hard to imagine that an ultra expensive table would be worth the sacrifice. The question for you is whether you'd be better off upgrading your table or selling and buying the fully modded SSM or Aries 3.
The Aries 2 will not accommodate a 12" arm. I have the Aries 2 EXTended with the JMW 12.5 arm. The dimensions are larger to accommodate the 12" arm. This is a killer turntable and I have not desire to replace it.
Thanks for the info so far. As I said, I am satisfied with my SM Signature. However, the beauty of the Aires is compelling and of course made me wonder if there was any good reason to go from a SM to an Aires.