Difference between the Aerial 7B and 7C ?

I have the aerial 7b's, I wwould not part with them, I am looking for rear speakers and thinking of putting the 7B's in the rear and getting the 7C's, can anyone enlighten me on the differences besides cosmedics of the 7C ?, thanks

I have only seen pictures of the 7c's, however i was wondering since you owned the 8b's how do they and your 7b compare?
I am using the 7b's with a jl sub, the 8b's are in the same league as the 7b's, but base can be a bit boomy, hope that helps
I believe the 7Cs will be available in April. Although the driver complement looks similar (tweeter, midrange and 2 7" woofers), I believe they are new drivers. I would guess, based on the fewer number of finishes available on the 5B and Model 6, that we will be seeing new models to replace these as well.
Samski, I am curious to learn what electronics you are using with your Aerial 7Bs....
I am using classe ca 2200 amp and classe ssp 600 prepro and getting excellent results, thanks