Difference between Technics SP10 MK3 - SL1000 MK3

Hi guys, I looked through past threads and could not find information I'm looking for. Not knowing the history of Technics as some of you do wanted to know what the difference is between the Technics SP10 MK3 v/s Technics SL1000 MK3

Are they the identical tables and just have a different title

If there are differences what are they
Hi Dev

Apologies if you saw these links already but if not I hope this can help in your research.

Technics SP10 info


Technics SL-1000 info

Dear Dev: The Sp10MK3 is the stand alone version: with out plinth and tonearm and the 1000MK3 comes with plinth and tonearm ( usually the EPA 100 or 100MK2.

About operation of the TT and specs are the same.

regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Dev: Technics marketed three different MK3 models sharing in between the same TT ( specs, motor, etc, . ) and controler TT.

All are SP10s. The SP10MK3 is the stand alone unit with out plinth/tonearm, the 1000MK3 comes with plinth and Technics tonearm ( usually the EPA 100 or the MK2. ) and the 1000MK3D that comes with plinth, tonearm and cartridge.

That's it.

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