Difference between tact rcs2.0 and 2.2x

I want to by a tact rcs as preamp and room correction and I dont know what is the diference.
The RCS 2.0 (which I own) is a digital room correction system working in the 24/96 format. The 2.2x is a newer
unit which has a separate section for frequency and time correction of a separate subwoofer in addition to the main speakers. Additionally, the 2.2x being a newer unit operates in the 24/192 format. Supposedly the RCS 2.0 will shortly have a 24/192 upgrade but it is not yet available.

If you do not require a subwoofer in addition to your main
speakers, the RCS 2.0 is a more cost effective way to go.
I find it indispensable in my system.
Jvogt - Do you use the Tact as a preamp, or run thru another pre.?
The RCS 2.0 is an excellent product, but I would not recommend it use as a preamp. The supplied A/D and D/A converters are of average quality and as such are not worthy of the type of systems the 2.0 would benefit. Use it as a room correction device only in a system that already has a preamp (or equivalent).

Also the 2.0 upgrade to 192kHz/24bit has been seriously delayed. It was due this past summer and the new date is mid-2003.
I have an RCS 2.0 that I use with a sub. I set it up as one would without the RCS (position, phase, and amplitude) and then used the correction on the whole system. I'm happy with the results. -- As to its use as a preamp, I compared the internal DAC to my Bel Canto 1 and thought it was less mellow but pleasantly clear. I removed my preamp (AE-3 sig into an SE-1 sig with Sophia 300Bs) and immediately put the preamp back in the system. YMMV
Alexc, I'm using the RCS 2.0 solely as a room correction
device, and I'm using the built-in A/D converter for
converting the turntable output to digital. I just
sold a Levinson #26 preamp, and am awaiting arrival of
a Levinson 380S. In the meantime I'm using the RCS as a
preamp, but the system sounds better with a separate preamp.
I agree that the RCS 2.0 is excellent for
compensation of room acoustics, but the preamp section
is bettered by a quality separate unit. My system consists
of the following:
Levinson 37/360/380S/27.5
Technics SP-10/SME IV/ Denon 103D/Lehmann Black Cube SE
RCS 2.0
Magnepan 1.6QR/Rel Strata III
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway II XLR's
Nordost Silver Shadow
Goertz MI2 speaker cables