Difference between SR T3 and T3 UHC?

the UHC is 20amp IEC only right?
The T3 is available in 15-amp and 20-amp versions.
Danielle, the T3 UHC does come in 15 amp IEC. Just call up Ted and ask him to make you one. I have one in my HT system on my QLS. But I would recommend you using a T3 on your QLS. I think that would be enough and you wont notice that much of a difference with a T3 UHC.
Thanks Joey

This would be for my V5Xe amp... I already have the T3 on my QLS.
Your V5Xe amp uses a 15-amp cable. Am I correct? A T3 is more than enough to power it. No need to step up to a T3 UHC. I also recommend you contact the cable company and ask them to send you a full compliment of Synergistic cables so you can decide what go well. I would also try a Precision AC on your QLS in combo with the T3 on the Amp and plug all your components into the QLS is possible. Including your amp. Experiment and go with what sounds best for you.

Danielle, Here is a QUOTE from Ted_d. "The T3 is a very good power cord for power-line conditioners but, as you have discovered, it takes a loooooong time to break in and settle down in this application. An improvement over the standard T3 design is the T3 UHC which stands for "Ultra High Current" and though the T3 was engineered as a high current power cord (perfect for high current amplifiers), after the advent of the PowerCell, a line conditioner capable of handling an entire system's power needs- power amps, pre-amp, front ends and even mono blocks, I was looking for a way to take my basic T3 design to the next level given the unprecedented current demands the PowerCell places on any power cord; hence the T3 UHC was born. As such the T3 UHC is a heavier gauge version of the already high gauge T3 design. As a power cord for line conditioners it presents music with more weight and mid-range bloom when directly compared to the basic T3 especially when you have a full system connected to a line conditioner, and it does this at a reasonable price.

However by far our best sounding power cord from the Tesla series for the new PowerCell, is the Precision AC. This cord adds a level of refinement, air, and inner detail and nuance not found in the T3 or T3 UHC when used in conjunction with a power conditioner. In fact our top of the line PowerCell 10 SE comes standard with a Precision AC power cord along with a slightly higher performance internal electromagnetic cell. So for a little more then you would pay for a standard PowerCell 10 with a T3 UHC, you can get a PowerCell 10 SE with a Precision AC power cord and 32 AMP Powercon connection in place of the standard PowerCell's IEC connectors."