Difference between SME20/2 and SME30/2

I wonder how the SME20/2 compared to SME30/2, the retail price is more than double for SME30/2. Is it worth it?
Any opinions appreciated.
It's impossible for me to describe specific differences, as I heard them too far apart in time, but my gut feeling about the difference is that when I heard the 20, I was not even closely tempted to sell my Basis Ovation (upgraded to the functional equivalent of a Debut Mk V vacuum), but I was when I heard the 30. Something about it that just seemed "right" and unmechanical vs. the 20, which was pretty good-sounding in its own right. Fortunately, there's no dilemma for me as I can't afford it.
Talk to Jtinn hear at audiogon he is very familar with the SME tables and would be able to offer some insight.

While I don't have the 30, I do have the 20/2. There is a way to approximate the performance of the 30 with the 20, which is by using the the clearaudio outer stabilizer ring.

This adds those characteristics which most people seem to attribute to the 30 versus the 20 -- blacker background, tighter, deeper bass, more solid images, and a greater sense of ease. It's a bitch to center since it's not cut for the SME 20 platter, but I wouldn't listen to my 20 without the outer ring.

I have, by the way, heard the 30 on many occasions, and agree that it's one of the last tables you'll ever purchase.


I'm awaiting delivery of a SME 30/2 SME V and Dynavector XV-1S. The wait, as you could imagine, is killing me.

I hear you. Had the vinyl rig in storage for several months as I moved into a new home. Congratulations on the acquisitions. That's a mighty fine rig. What biscuit do you plan on spinning first (after the HFNRR disc)?

that's a tough question. It'll probably be one of those listening sessions where you put on a favorite song on many, many different albums instead of listening all the way thru one.