Difference between Signal Magic and Reference Line

Category: Cables

I have a full Powered Paradigm Reference Speaker System consisting of: Active 40's(cherry veneer)V2
Active Studio Center V2
Active ADP's Rears V2
I run them with Signal Magic Power cords and want to know if anybody knows the sound difference and benefits between the Magic and the Silver Reference line of power cords????? Should I change the Magics for some Silver reference Power Cords with Furetech ends or keep the Magics????? I also have the factory Audiostream 25FT RCA's connected to my Yamaha RX-Z1 Gold receivers Pre-Amp. Should I upgrade them to the Signal Silver Reference Interconnects with Silver Bullet RCA ends or keep the Audiostreams????? I really want to get the most out of my Active Paradigm's and really like tight chest bass,ultra clean highs and smooth midrange. The Magic Power Cords really changed the sound from the factory Audiostreams but I feel I could do and get more with the Reference line of Power Cords and Rca's.....Please help me out...THX PAUL
I have not heard the difference between the two types of cabels but I have the Silver Reference power cords and interconnects on my system and they made a wonderful improvement from my old Tara Labs cables. Especially after burn in, there was a lot more detail and depth to the music. I have heard that all of the Signal Cable products are a great value but I would suggest trying the Silver Reference cables and notice the difference for yourself since they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

p.s. I am just sending my cables to get cryo-treated. I will let you know how they sound after.