Difference between Signal Cable's product line?

I am using the "Classic Single-Wire" speaker cable, and I was wondering if anybody has migrated to either their "Ultra (Double Run)Single wire or to the "Silver Resolution Reference Speaker Cables."

I am using a Mcintosh MX-119 Pre/processor, Mcintosh MC-207 amp, and Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers for the front, Waltz surrounds and Maestro center.

I am very pleased with the sound, but always wondering it there is more to reveal..

Call Frank and ask him. He's pretty honest about what his cables sound like. If he misrepresented them, his customer base would vanish.
I will do that. I was trying to decide if the upgrade was worth it or not.
I resently purchased the Silver Resolution Reference Power Cord and I love it. I have not totally broken it in yet but it already gives a lot more detail and focus to the music. I just ordered the Silver Resolution Reference Analog Interconnects and have high hope for these. Good luck!