Difference between Shure E3 and E3c?


My wife was kind enough to get me a set of Shure E3 earphones for my birthday.

However, she ordered the E3c version from one of Amazon's sellers, but received a package marked "E3" only. Is there any difference between E3's and E3c's?

One of the tip-offs is that the typical street price for E3c is about $179. She paid about $148, but the package was marked $129, making us suspect that someone shipped out an older, lesser, or obsolete product.

As a side question, can these earphones be driven by an iPod Nano? I realize that the Nano won't give top fidelity, but I'm hoping that it'll at least drive these earphones effectively.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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Thanks, all.

I guess I'll open the package now... it's been killin' me not being able to test them out until I got an answer to the question.

The headphone amp might be a good idea were it not for the extra piece of equipment. Most of the time that I use the Nano, I'm skating, running, mowing the lawn, or some other activity that would preclude having an extra box in line.

Thanks again!