Difference between Shure E3 and E3c?


My wife was kind enough to get me a set of Shure E3 earphones for my birthday.

However, she ordered the E3c version from one of Amazon's sellers, but received a package marked "E3" only. Is there any difference between E3's and E3c's?

One of the tip-offs is that the typical street price for E3c is about $179. She paid about $148, but the package was marked $129, making us suspect that someone shipped out an older, lesser, or obsolete product.

As a side question, can these earphones be driven by an iPod Nano? I realize that the Nano won't give top fidelity, but I'm hoping that it'll at least drive these earphones effectively.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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If I remember correctly they are the same earphones... The "c" stands for consumer and is sold in the consumer market while the other is sold in the professional market. Generally the prices are market down lower in the professional market, so I assume that is the reason for the 128.00 marking. If this was a brand new purchase, I would contact Shure.

Etymotic earphones used to sell in the professional market for a 10.00 lower price tag but had to change the name of the phones... Musians Friend used to sell them as such while Audio Advisor had the regular consumer name and mark-up.

Your iPod should drive them fine.