Difference between Schiit Modi Versions

I own a Bifrost Multibit- which I love to bits.
I am putting together a small office stereo system, and need another DAC. The Modi is inexpensive and probably more than enough for my needs.
My question is:
There are 3 iterations of this device. Standard, Uber and Multibit. I emailed Schiit, but they say they don't comment on sound reproduction.
So, I am asking the Agon Community to help clarify the differences between the different models, if possible, and help me make a decision as to which one I should buy.
Thanks Bob
The Modi 2 has only USB input.  The Uber & Multibit models add toslink and RCA inputs.  What source are you going to use?

I think the small difference in price for the Uber would be my choice.
The Schiit Modi 2 and Uber what what I understand use a Delta Sigma (single bit, Bitstream) type dac. The Modi Multibit as the name implies uses a Multibit dac.

If your playing only PCM (CD, Redbook, or PCM downloads) then the more expensive Multibit option will give the best sounding conversion of it.

From MoJo Music:
" When a PCM (CD, Redbook) file is played on a DSD, Delta Sigma or Bit Stream converter, the DAC chip has to convert the PCM to DSD in real time. This is one of the major reasons people claim DSD sounds better than PCM, when in fact, it is just that the chip in most modern single-bit DACs do a poor job of decoding PCM. "

Cheers George
Thank You, georgelofi.
That is the information I needed. I am not well versed with the nuances of digital reproduction- I just want the darned thing to reproduced sound.
I will be using the DAC to play music from my PC, so I can utilize either a USB connection or a SPDIF.
I guess getting the Multibit is the way to go.
As I said, my Bifrost Multibit is unbelievable. 
Schiit may not comment to you directly but in reviews they clearly state their preference for Multibit and kinda hate Delta-Sigma for what they say it does to the signal. Like George says, go for the Multibit.

All the best,
I agree, my Bifrost Multibit is unbelievable, as well.  Has me listening to digital music seriously for the first time in my life.

I would definitely go for the Modi Multibit

Thanks docknow, I agree, the Bifrost Multibit is unbelievable. I have been using mine daily since I bought it. In fact, I don't even play my CD's anymore. I would get another, but this is just for my office and I wanted to save a few bucks.
Is there anyone here who can explain what is the difference between the three versions or know where I can read up on it?
There's only two different dacs, the base Bitfrost which is Delta Sigma based Wolfson  conversion. 
Or the more expensive the Bitfrost Multibit, which as the name implies is Multibit Analog Devices conversion.

There is Bitfrost upgrade cards to old Bitfrost models.
Cheapest again the Delta Sigma 4490 card $100.
The more expensive Multibit AD5547 card at $250

Cheers George