Difference between "Audio" CD-R and PC CD-R

Is there an audible difference between CD's copied or created with an "audio CD recorder" compared to a "PC CD recorder?" Playback would be on a system > $10k.

I don't know the answer to your question, but regardless of the sonics, you should be aware that some consumer audio products will NOT play PC CDRs.
Hi, I've done CR-R's both ways, and hear no audible (to me) difference. I use my Marantz CD recording machine almost exclusively now, since it is so much faster (double-time) than my computer, which is not a latest fastest model. I only have Pentium III and it takes 45 mins or so to dub a CD, plus the set up time, selecting and adding tracks, etc, so I bought the Marantz 6050 pretty cheap and have been using it exclusively to great effect. One note: it won't record on Sony blank CDR's and on some other cheap generic disks, the Circuit City spindle for one. But I use Memorex, TDK, Maxell, and HP blanks and hear no change from the source to the copy.