Difference between Paradigm Studio 40 v. 2 and v.3

I'm looking into purchasing the Paradigm Studio 20's or 40's. I always purchase my equipment used. Does anyone know the specific difference between version 2 and version 3 (crossover change?). Is the difference noticeable enough to step up to version 3?
I use to have Studio 40 v2's and have listened to the v3's. Paradigm addressed the harsh/bright tweeter but there is still some there. I would buy the v3's over the v2's. That is the only difference I could tell. Some people say the v3 does not have as much bass as the v2 but I think it is just a matter of break-in. My v2's took about 200 hours before the bass opened up. If you go to www.paradigm.com you can find the spec's on the v2's and v3's I believe.

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One other thing to keep in mind is that the v.2's are rear ported, where as the v.3's are front ported. I own a pair of the v.3's. They are good for rock but lacking for Jazz with a lot of piano and for Classical.
I am eventually going to replace them with a pair of Dynaudio. I just got a used pair of Audience 42's last week for my bedroom system. They are a fine pair of small monitors.

The V3 Studio 40s are without doubt a step ahead of the V2s.

I once was a strong Paradigm Studio version two series fan; but after both owning the version three Studio 40s for a several months now, and doing side by side comparisons, I would choose the version three Studio 40s over the version two hands down.

Overall, I believe most die-hard version two owners are thrown off by the version three’s transparency. I now think Paradigm's goal in designing the version three series was improved transparency and imaging rather than expanding on the somewhat colourful sound version two Paradigm owners sought after.
This is a bit off-topic, but if you can find a used pair of Active 40s, snag them without hesitation. What a speaker! I've heard better, but you have to spend a lot more to get it. I owned a pair for over two years and was consistently amazed by how transparent and dynamic they were. One of the best bargains in all of audio at the time, IMO.