Difference between original and remaster

I have the original Dire Straits CD "On Every Street" and I see that they have a new "remastered" release. The sound on the original is great but I am just wondering if the "remaster" would be any better. This is one of my favorite cd's with great sound so if the remastered is better, then I may have to go out and purchase it. Thanks
Hello Bowhunter:

The original release is quite good however I have purchased the remaster and if you can believe it, there is more air and depth in the remaster. I ended up buying all 6 of the remastered dire straits albums, all with the same improvement. Try www.towerrecords.com. all these were $7.99!

Certain songs on album "On Every Street" I use as references.

Beemer, thanks for the info.
Very likely could be better, I do not own that album, but
"sultans of swing" the 1998 HDCD remasterd greatest hits album may be the best sound of any mainstream rock CD I have ever heard, must own material!