Difference between mesh vs. solid plate 300B?

I am looking to replace my 300B tubes and I am considering the Emission Labs 300B. This comes in a mesh and a solid plate model. There are other valve manufacturers who make solid plate vs. mesh 300B's, e.g. TJ Full Music.

My question: Can one make a general statement that mesh sounds different to solid plate? If so, what are the differences?

(Second question: the EML 300B mesh has a clear warning not to run the tube at high bias. I am wondering if there are any Cary 211AE owners who are running this tube).
I've never compared apples to apples - mesh plate 300B from TJ to their solid plate.

But, for what it's worth, I have compared the TJ mesh plate against Shuguang solid plate 300B, and the TJ were superior in every way. To me, they were most definitely worth the upcharge.
The meshplates are not standard Western Electric spec. 300B's - their plate voltage is down about 10%. They therefore can't be run in amps like the VAC Renaissance series that run 300B's near their maximum plate voltage.
After a few months, I finally found the answer to my own question on someone's blog. Link here: http://robertmusic.blogspot.com/2010/06/emission-labs-eml-5z3-revelation.html

"Now, first a word about mesh plates. There are some very shady marketers calling any plate with a hole in it a 'mesh' plate - such as the Sophia, Full Music, and TJ brands. This is complete bullshit. NONE of these are mesh plates. They are solid plate tubes with a bunch of holes punched in them. That is just plain false - mesh plate tubes have exactly that - a true wire mesh woven as the plates. Nobody but Emission Labs has done that incredibly difficult manufacturing process since the mid 1930's.

A real mesh is glorious to look at, but more importantly, the sole benefit of the mesh cannot be realized with a punched hole plate. That benefit is purely sonic. Mesh tubes have a wonderfully organic, euphonic, relaxed sound that is not veiled in any way - open, transparent, yet at the same time possessing a warm inner glow and sense of organic integration that solid plate tubes simply don't have to the same degree. There's something that just sounds very right, integrated and whole about mesh tubes.

That's been my experience with mesh power tubes - and yes, I do have NOS Perryman mesh 45 tubes from the 1930's, dead mint, to compare."

The guy is talking about a 5Z3 tube, but elsewhere on the site he makes a similar comment about 300B tubes. The ONLY true mesh 300B on the market is the EML 300B - all the others are "punched hole tubes" (as he puts it).

Looks like I will have to source a couple of pairs to try.
The best Mesh ever were AVVT's and the only that made today are EML's, heard that they are great to.

They should forbid to call tubes Mesh while they arent Mesh really

Most 300B amps cant use Mesh's

I’m sitting here and realize my current factory 300B’s are mesh plates lol. Full Music 300 B/n mesh plates. Sooo. The EML meshes may still be different? Or should I assume that this would mean that I can certainly run them if I desired? I only see the mesh plate disclosure about compatibility with amps, with the EML’s. No other mesh brand tubes. Maybe partly bc only EML make real mesh tubes anymore? Insight is welcome! I’m considering possibly getting a pair as well and comparing them to the KR's.