Difference between McIntosh MR65 and MR65B

Does anyone know how to tell between the McIntosh MR65 and MR65b receivers. I know the 65 is mono and the 65b is stereo. Mine has MR65 on the rear panel but is (and says) stereo on the front.
I am assuming it is a 65b then..?..??

Also, was this the first McIntosh stereo receiver?

Thanks for any help!!

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Thanks Author and Nsgarch!

I just inherited all this tube equipment. Aside from the McIntosh I have:
Cary Audio CAD301 amp,
Cary Audio CD 300 cd player,
Joule Electra LA100 preamp,
Moscode Minuet preamp,
Tice MBF-3 AC conditioner,
as well as some sweet Tice 416 speaker cables and interconnects.
I am trying to figure out 1) what the heck I have 2) if I really want to get into this tube audio stuff or just sell it and buy me some new Revels!

Thanks again for your help!!