Difference between Lyra Argo and Argo i

Is there any difference between these two cartridges and would either work well with my VPI JMW 9 sig arm?
Mark: The differences between Argo and Argo i relate to the suspension system, and the "i" will track and sound somewhat better than the non "i".

The specific differences between "i" and non "i" are in suspension metallurgy and damper composition. Compliance will not be affected, and compatibility with given tonearms will likewise remain unaffected. A tonearm that works well with an Argo will work well with the Argo i, and the reverse is also true.

The body of the Argo remains unchanged, so when the stylus wears out (or if a mishap breaks the cantilever), it is feasible to convert a non "i" into a "i".

regards and hth, jonathan carr