Difference between Kuzma and ZYX

I've had the possibility to use the Kuzma KC3 for 4 weeks now and this is a cartridge that really shines in my system. There is only one disadvantage and it's spells dynamic.

Now I'm very curiouse, how good is the Kuzma KC4, and what is the difference between Kuzma and ZYX, is there a difference?
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I believe they are the same.
Hi Piedpiper,

Do you know wich ZYX that is similar to Kuzma KC3 and KC4?
sorry, not that intimately familiar except to say that Kuzma does not have the franchise for the Universe so you could extrapolate the model correspondence by price from there.
Dear Mickpe: No one is similar to the Shelter/Kuzma cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I think the Kuzma Reference went out of production in 2004 or 2005.

So there is no difference between ZYX and Kuzma new catridges?
Raul and Mikep,

I talked with Mr. Kuzma about this at CES in January and he told me there is no difference. I believe at the time this was a relatively new arrangement.
I notice that there is currently no reference to Kuzma cartridges on their website other than the out of production Kuzma reference above mentioned.
Piedpiper is correct. Kuzma's new sourcing arrangement is with ZYX, effective early this year. Before that they did rebadge Shelters, as Rauliruegas said.

Kuzma does not have access to the UNIverse or Atmos, so whatever models they offer are presumably comparable to the Airy 3 or below.

Mapping of Kuzma model to ZYX model is something neither company will discuss, for obvious reasons. The Airy 3 and Airy 2 specs read the same, so judging by price does seem like the only way, short of buying one of each and doing an A/B of course.
The specifications on KC3 is similar to R-1000 Airy 3 so they are probably the same. But what about the KC4 is it the same as the new ZYX 4D?
The price would indicate that.
KC1..... R50 Bloom H
KC2..... R100-02
KC3..... R100FS
KC4..... R1000 Airy3S