Difference between Harbeth SHL5 and SHL5 35th Anniversary model

Hello all - I've tried to find -without luck- specific details as to the difference between the Super HL5 and the Super HL5 35th Anniversary Edition. Would like to know the exact differences between these two prior Harbeth models. This question refers to the non plus versions. Thanks
There isn't one, not in sonic terms.

The Anniversary models are there to get the suffering audiophiles (with their constant demands for "better" cabling and "better" connectors) off Alan Shaw's back, at least for a while.

Mr Shaw's views on the matter are well known but alas constantly fall upon deaf ears, at least for a vociferous minority.

The additional finish options may also appeal to some.

For further info you could also try the Harbeth website.

I’m pretty sure the later Harbeth models use the newer RADIAL drivers. You can Email Alan Shaw to verify this!


You can give the importer ( Fidelis ) a call to answer your question!