Difference between Cary 303/200 and 306/200?

Is there a large performance gap between the Cary 303/200 and the 306/200? Is the 306/200 worth the extra cost?

I realize most people are interested in the new 303/300 these days, but curious about the older models here.
and I prefer the 306/200. While both players are very good, they do have a different presentation and tonal balance.

The 303/200 is a very musical player that brings music to life. Its not the last player for detail or neutrality, but its one of the most enjoyeable. It offers a very wide soundtage with authoritative bass. To me, the two main negatives are an exagerated midrange (lushness) and a slightly smeared upper-end. It will not provide the upper-end clarity of an Ayre. If you like the smoothness of tubes or have a system which errs on bright, this could be a good fit.

The 306/200 is a more neutral player which also offers a wide soundstage with deep, well controlled bass. The midrange is not exagerated, and as a result may come across as "thin" sounding compared with the 303. The upper-end is more extended and has a clarity and inner detail that the 303 lacks. Overall, I find the 306 has more finesse.

In terms of my own preference, I prefer the 306. I find it a good compromise b/w 2 different players I like, the 303/200 (emotional/warm) and the Ayre cx-7 (neutral, outstanding detail, & pace).