Difference between Bluesound Node 2i and Cambridge CXN v2

Looking at both of these units and I know there is a $500 difference but can anyone tell me the differences between them and which might be better? It seems as the CXN uses dual DACS and has balanced outs. It might actually sound better but any help would be appreciated.
Can’t speak for the CA CXN, but using my Vault 2, going through the DAC in my CA 851C is far better then the DAC in the Vault. The Bluesound DAC isn’t bad but I wouldn’t be surprise if the CXN better. I’m sure some are going to throw in the Node does MQA but even so a superior DAC w/o MQA is still going to be better. I love my Vault though. If you decide on the CXN, spend a little extra to upgrade the power cord.
When I had the Node 2 I used two outputs. One into my Dac and then one analog out from the Node. If I needed to play MQA from Tidal, I could just switch the input on my Preamp. All the node's outputs are active all the time, which makes the Node quite nice for its price. 
I own both the CA 851n and the CXN 1.  Both are good but prefer my PS Audio Directstream with Bridge II overall.  CA has no Roon or direct Qobuz connection.  I use Airplay for Qobuz. I have not heard the Bluesound.  Purchased both as opened box/clearance from CA with warranty. Very good units for the price, especially when connected via wired internet as opposed to WiFi.

I have seen numerous posts from people who have and love either unit. My guess is, very few have listened carefully to both, so it's going to be difficult to get this specific feedback.

For streaming, the CXN is controlled by Cambridge's app or a DLNA control-point app; the Bluesound, by a BluOS app. They are mutually exclusive ecosystems. That will affect user experience, not the sound. You might prefer one or the other, but which? Generally speaking, I think BluOS is considered easier to use and better for multiroom playback, while DLNA could be considered more flexible. (When I tried the CXN2 with a generic DLNA control point, it did not work well -- it was fine with its own app.)

If you have a long run of interconnect going to an amp with balanced inputs, balanced outs are worth having. If all your equipment is in one rack, maybe not so much (though still nice).

As to sound, you might have to get the units on trial and find out which one suits your ears better.
Node app is way superior over the CXN and for me is the best music app after Roon.
Cxn has a very slightly better analog output sounding cleaner but not that much. It is similarly only slight better than an LG V20 connected to an amp.
CXN has a physical remote control.
If I were you, I'd go for the Node and then get a better DAC in the future. You won't miss much and you will get the BluOS.
The CXN 2 sounds better. Both can be Roon endpoints, thought the Cambridge is by virtue of Chromecast.
Thanks everyone, So I presently just use an Audioengine D2 wireless out of my MacBook and connect via Audioquest Cinnamon Toslink into my Krell Digital Vanguard.
While the quality is okay I wondered what would be a better solution to playing back my digital files. I purchased the CXN and still have it new in the box but someone mentioned the Bluesound to me as a competitive solution. Those of you using the CXN, do you connect to your LAN and then connect to your MACBook via usb or upload all your music onto a LACie HD and plug in that way. I do add music to my itunes (3000+ songs) and wondered also about if Audirvana makes a difference?
audirvana does make a difference. you get some phase and time alignment voodoo as well as some system optimization benefits. i have mentioned before, i had an all JBL LSR 3XX system with subwoofer and I could not get the pacing nor timing right until I added Audirvana... that was the missing link. And it sounds great.
iTunes ( my Windows computer) rips my CD’s  directly to my NAS Ethernet drives. All my music servers play it from the NAS drive over Ethernet. I use a dedicated Roon Rock server for my Roon to PS Audio DAC endpoint. Use Tidal either directly to CA servers or along Qobuz via Roon to PS Audio. Use Airplay for Qobuz to CA servers.
Find a used Ayre Codex Dac. It outperforms the Dac in my Cambridge 851C cd player.
From above post on 6/2 by adg101:
 If you decide on the CXN, spend a little extra to upgrade the power cord.

I'm bit of a newbie to audiophile gear, tho I've had NAD equipment for 20 years.  I just got a Node 2i and was surfing and seeing comments about SQ improvements achieved with after-market power cables - well, being a bit of a skeptic I found this a bit hard to swallow - who can clarify this power cable business for me?
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So I did not think that power cords cord make a difference but I took a chance and upgraded to a power cord for my Krell Integrated Amp and my Cd Transport and have heard a remarkable difference in the sound.  Gonna do my Phono stage as well.
Worth trying out!!
I changed out the PC on my Vault 2 and it made a noticeable improvement.  Built my own and took ten minutes.
@wgosma: Opinions vary on the efficacy of aftermarket power cords. My advice to anyone who asks is to investigate them only after you are satisfied with every other part of your system, with emphasis on the speakers, room acoustics, and electronics.
I just put on a Wireworld mini Electra PC on a Bluesound Node 2i and it made a nice difference in a less harsh quality, to be expected with better power cables.
I am not using the internal DAC. It’s going into my Yggdrasil /A2-5.
Streaming with Qobuz is quite good and close to my PSA DS memory transport.

Any opinions on BS node 2i into Yggdrasil Dac. Especially  with Tidal MQA, would the node 2i unfold MQA to a partial level since the Yggy is not MQA compatible? I read somewhere there would be a partial unfolding (higher res than red book) on MQA titles from Tidal. Not sure how all this would sort out, appreciate advise.
This discussion is important for me.  I am on the hunt for a good streamer.  This is my experience. 
 I initially invested in a Power node 2i after reading rave reviews.  It was plugged directly into my router.  I do not want to knock this quality product but I was shocked it did not live up to my expectations.  
To put it short, it worked flawlessly.  Bluetooth sounded much better than network connected with WI-Fi.  That should not be the case with the greater bandwidth.  The comparison between my old system connected to a $15 chrome audio puck the size of a half dollar was not comparable.  The old system put it to shame!  I was taken back and shocked.   I am not talking about old esoteric stuff here.  Just $1500 new 40 years ago for the PA, $600 new for the Pre-A 38 years ago.  I returned it.  Knowing others experiences with just the Node would be nice so I know if this was not  the streamer portion of the product which I hear from reviews are the same?    With no pre-out I could not eliminate the class D amp. 
I am also going to be moving on from Powernode 2, probably to marantz pm7000n, in the next 6 months or so ....

Just did a CXN V2 VS Node test at the shop today. I've played some flac files to compare both, but I didn't need to play many of them. By the first switch from Node to CXN the sound just got so much brighter and the different pieces of the song just reveal themselves... wasn't expected such a clear gap between both.

Let me add a remark on the hard drives. I had difficulties to connect my HDD (1TB) to both CXN V2 and Node systems during my first visit to the shop, most probably due to the fact that my HDD had plenty of other stuff on than just music.
For today's test I had brought a 256GB flash drive with 100+ GB of music and CXN V2 could display the integrality immediately in both Cambridge apps (StreamMagic and Cambridge Connect). For now this capacity is enough for me. When it won't be, I'll try with a clean HDD or with network NAS.

I took the time to fill this post today since I was really happy to read any help on this topic on this forum.

CXN V2 ordered today