Difference between B&K ex-442 & Sonata ex-442?

anyone know what the difference between the B&K EX-442 gold graphics on black model and the EX-442 red & blue on black model, besides cosmetics?

How about the EX-442 model labeled Sonata EX- 442?

Thank you.
If I recall correctly....red & blue on black has more grunt. It can drive 4 0hm Apogees (Caliper Signatures)...and the other one could not.

Edit: After a little more thought, I may have been thinking of the B&K ST-140's?

It was some time ago, but I remember when I bought my EX-442, the dealer explained that B&K were just beginning to name the series "Sonata" so that the pre-amp was the Sonata MC-101 and the amp was being re-named the Sonata EX-442, but that it was the same amp. It was well-built and decent and I still keep it as a back-up. I have never actually compared the two.