Difference between Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref.ic's

I have two pair of AZ Matrix Reference interconnects.One is about 1 1/2 years old and the other about a year. From the exterior they look very similar, except the older one might have a little darker purple covering. When I take off the RCA barrels, though, the older version has red and blue covered conductors and the newer version has the conductors covered with what looks like white plumber's teflon tape.I asked a dealer about the teflon tape and he said it was the last tweaked Mk 1 before the Mk II version came out. Apparently the Mk. II has a tan or beige-colored teflon tape around th conductors.I would just like to know if there have been several tweaks done by AZ in-between the Mk I and Mk II version. Thanks for your input.
Hi Sherod!

I'm currently using a meter run of single ended Matrix Ref II and it looks like this:


Mine is all purple, but a little brighter in appearance. I've never taken the RCA barrels off though.