Difference between Accuphase A50 and A50v?

Is there a difference between these two amps other than the appearance and the "v" in the model number?
Hi Bwhite,

I have been following your recent threads regarding Accuphase products. I am a fan of Accuphase products myself; currently I am using one of their integrated amps in my main rig and the sound is absolutely amazing. Eventually I would like to upgrade to Accuphase separates when finance allows.

As regard to your question, how about contact Arturo Manzano at Axiss Distribution directly via Axiss's webpage? He is the distributor for Accuphase products here in the U.S.

Happy Listening!
bwhite: there is a very large difference between the a-50 and a-50v. the cicuitry and topology of the a-50v was changed to allow the amp to drive loads as low as 1 ohm. sonically, the a-50v is more ballsy than the a-50. FWIW, the a-50 was not produced after 1998. -cfb
So Kelly could you describe what "ballsy" sounds like? J/K!!
tim: you, of all the denizens of this pub, should know perfectly well what "ballsy" means. and sounds like. you certainly weren't kidding about your cinematic career, were you? were you? say it ain't so, you offspring of bibendum. -cfb