Difference between a VPI HW19 MkII & MKIII

What are the differences in the plinth, bearing or platter? Thanks for any responses.

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Okay, this is from memory, it's been too many years since I sold these turntables.

The MkII replaced the original aluminum platter with an acrylic/lead platter. The plinth was stiffened with a second piece of steel, and the suspension was different (the pads that seated the springs on the plinth originally had tiny tip toes glued on to them. These were removed on the MKII. The bearing was changed, but there were a number of bearing changes made at this time, so I'm not clear on what the "official" bearing was. The spindle was threaded to accept the clamp.

The MKIII included the acrylic plinth, motor plate, and acrylic motor pulley. The hardwood frame was given a rounded outer edge instead of the original camfer. The aluminum suspension pads were replaced with an acrylic pad with small bearings inserted. There may have been a change to the springs (I'm thinking removal of the foam damping blocks.)

A google search may point out other changes.
Tought to say what VPI did over the years. Peobably from '96 on, there were no differences in the wood base. You had maybe 3, or four choices, natual oak, or walnut dark stain, black, or piano black finish.

As for Platters, and Bearings, again a tough call. With this being said, what was the MK-I? Probably, there was no MK-I, just the Jr, and then the MK-II as the next following model?

Or maybe the MK-I was the original HW-19 before the Jr ever hit the scene? Only way to know, is perhaps pick Harry's brain about HW-19 history.

Although Harry, after 25 years of faithful service, and fantastic factory support decided to drop the HW-19, he hasn't necessarily left us 19 users in the cold. The Super Platter for instance just might be the ticket to take the 19 to a unheard of levels. Mark