Difference b/t Paradigm Active 20 v.1 & v.2

I just inherited five Paradigm Reference Studio Active 20 speakers. I need some help figuring out what versions these are.
Two of the speakers say v.2 in front of the serial numbers and have the green backlit "P" on the grills - I obviously know these are v.2's.
The three remaining speakers don't have any "v" designation with the serial numbers and have a different cabinet and grill design than the others. They do have the back lit "P" on the grills though and are in boxes that say v.2.
Are these v.2's also? Any help would be greatly appreciated?
These are killer speakers, but unfortauntely never were that popular in audiophile circles. No active designs are btw...

Instead of holding your breath waiting for your question to be answered a call to Paradigm might be worthwhile.
Hey Robr45 - good advice will do. Thanks!
I'll second Robr45 - these are very good speakers. I once used 4 plus a Paradigm center and powered sub in a theater set-up and the sound was terrific for both music and movies (w/o the sub, 2 Active 20s sounded first rate on stereo material.) I wish I could have kept that set-up, but a change of address required a move to in-walls for my theater room. The Active 20 set-up was far superior and a fraction of the cost.

Enjoy 'em