Diff.Power cords with Switch mode amps.

I have a Rowland 8t/with second chassis/power supply upgraded from the battery,to the wonderful switch mode power supply.Contrary to what Rowland had told me("there would be NO audible improvement using differing power cords"),I had found that going from a Marigo PC to the Cardas Golden Ref was a "clearly" audible improvement.I am going straight into the wall,on a dedicated line.

My question revolves around the subject of looking into the new Electraglide Epiphany X cord,as a further possible improvement.I hear SO MUCH about this cord rendering even more performance,from high quality equip,which I have.Any thoughts?Also,please keep to the Electraglide line,as I have some of the older models,which are really wonderful,but am sceptical of spending Epiphany X dollars,unless I can gather enough useable feedback.Thanks,so much!!
Im about to receive one and would be happy to share my thoughts. Art
Thanks,Art,and BTW---I was wrong to criticise you, way back when.Please accept a belated appology.

On a selfish mode(by me) please DO report on the PC,after you break it in.
Sirspeedy, as we discussed before, we all have our moments, and we both had ours at the same time - that's all waaaaay in the past ;)

I will get back to you. Actually, i just received it today, and will be letting it play (powering the Isoclean power conditioner which feeds the entire system), to then compare to the 'regular' epiphany.

What differences did you notice between the Epiphany and the X? I currently have as Epiphany feeding my CD player and am considering the X but don't really know the difference between them, either physically or sonically.