Diff. between Soliloquy "i" series and older type

Does anyone know what was the improvements made to the Soliloquy "i" series speakers back in about 2003-2004 compared to the original series ??
I believe the "i" series had a waveguide on the tweeter.
I'm not sure whether it corresponded exactly with the addition of the "i" designation but earlier versions of the SAT 5 and the 5.3 had soft-dome tweeters and the "i" versions had aluminum tweeters. I don't know about differences in the construction or crossovers.
Aluminum tweeters ? I was not aware that Soliloquy used metal tweeters .
My 6.2i's had soft dome tweeters .
Very nice speakers for the money .
Yes, I don't know about the 6.2i's but the later 5's definitely had aluminum tweeters. I just had to replace a bad tweeter in my SAT 5's and the only ones still available were the aluminum ones.
Where did you get the replacement tweeters from?
I bought the replacements from Underwood HiFi. He had bought some of the remaining stock when Soliloquy went out of business and is the only source I could find. I don't know if he has any more, though, there have been other threads about this and a lot of people have asked where to get them.
Well, I guess that is one reason they went out...My 5.3i's have soft dome tweeters also..HMMM?? Anyone know what brand of drivers were used ?
The drivers were proprietary, as far as I could determine. There are a few tweeters out there with the same 110 mm flange and what looks like the same bolt configuration but I don't know if it would be possible to find a reasonable sonic match to the originals.
Well ,Sfar is correct,after checking my manual that came with the 5.3i speakers, they have listed 2 different types of tweeters for this model. One is an 1.125" double chambered silk dome tweeter and one is a 1.125" aluminum composite with propietary coating tweeter...WoW ! Guess they covered all bases as to what was lying around...I only have one tweeter in each cabinet and it is the silk dome...Now when someone has a pair for sale we need to ask about the tweeters! Wonder who manufactured the drivers for them and if Madisound or someone else has replacements?
I found this on the old site:
>>>>Further manufacturing steps involve application of the internal sound dampening compound to the inside walls; the fitting of rubber gaskets for the recessed driver mount holes and back plate assembly; the insertion of Analysis Plus internal wire; and the hand soldering of the wire to the custom metal terminals. Before our drivers arrive at the assembly bench, they have already undergone extensive QC testing & matching. All Soliloquy drivers are proprietary designs, designed by Phil Jones and manufactured in his American Acoustic Development factory in mainland China, to very tight tolerances. Still, we carefully test each driver and compare its response curve to the archived curve of the reference unit. In order to pass inspection, each driver must be within a 0.5db tolerance window of the reference driver.<<<<<<

Now I guess we have to go to China and find factory...LOL