Dieter Rams, Braun and the integrated turntable


I would like to build a second system based on a classic 50's-70's fully integrated amplifier turntable.
One of the systems i have in mind would be a Braun SK55. I assume there must be other manufactures of that period that built similar types of equipment but i am at a loss of what might be a good alternative.
I am looking for something clean a minimal to play vinyl only, mono or stereo.
ANy suggestions?

I would highly recommend a Braun audio 300.

The Fisher Allegro is a nice all in one tube system.
how about B&O beocenter 3500 for fabulous 1970's aethetics
grundig also had a nice wooden number
my grandfather left me his braun record player with sme 309 arm, very heavy steel plinth. didn't sound very good though..
dieter rams designed a very beautiful flat panel speaker on thin chrome base. very expensive today
here is a link to the brionvega RR226
this must be the absolute 1960's hifi