Did You Watch Echo In The Canyon - Opinions / Reviews?

Saw Echo In The Canyon the other day. The movie about the Laurel Canyon Rock music scene in the 60’s and early 70’s and how it affected everything else in Rock and Roll. 

My only criticism is it was a little sparse in the number of artists interviewed. Lots of interesting perspectives and some great although one-sided homage to the classics from that time and place by Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers. 

I’m sure there will be more perspectives but few surprises / revelations in the related upcoming Crosby biopic. 

Also this: given the many references to The Byrds, I wondered why Chris Hillman was notably absent in the cast, and given McGuinn’s involvement with the Beach Boys doing a brilliant cover of The Mamas and The Papas “California Dreaming”, there was not even a peep said of it.  

Once it it comes to Blue-Ray, I’m going to buy my copy. Wishing for more of this brain candy before it’s too late and any more of these great Rock and Roll heros pass on. 
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A good listening recommendation from that era is Blues From Laurel Canyon by John Mayall. Featuring guitarist Mick Taylor before he joined the Stones! I have it on LP.
Haven't seen it yet.I did read "Laurel Canyon" .Sorry I can't remember the author.It was an excellent book with many interviews and different perspectives from the musicians,friends,and family members that resided there.
Saw it. Fun to hear a few anecdotes. As a documentary, totally underwhelming. The one-night concert tribute was intended to sparkle with energy. It didn’t. The intercutting of the feature film, ’Model Shop’ was just plain weird.

No doubt, Jakob Dylan sincerely wanted to celebrate this unique and wonderful period in time. Unfortunately, his laid-back personality and laconic delivery just doesn’t work for telling a story about the musical renaissance taking place in the colorful, psychedelic ’60’s.

This review pretty much sums it up.