Did you try to buy the damaged Beethovens?

I saw them twice this week on audiogon and tried to buy them. I was looking around on ebay and what do you know?
They shure would have made nice rear surrounds.
Tim Flemke
My experience exactly....only they would have been my mains.
I never did get a response to my emails.
That is too bad. I have the Beethovens as mains and Dynaudio 1.3mk2s as rears. I would love to have Beethovens all around. I didn't think they would end up with someone that could use them.
Yes I did. I was among the first to respond (judging from number of views) and was also local to him (only 20 miles away). Naturally I wanted to see them in person BUT he never responded to EITHER of my emails! I wonder if there is anything to that - at the least he could have said sold though I doubt that someone would make a buying decision without engaging in at least a 1 email exchange of info. It seems as if seller DID NOT want a local buyer - am wondering? I would like to see a response from the BUYER of these speakers.
The speakers ended up on ebay for a 1700.00. First I saw them on audiogon for 1000.00 and then 1200.00. The next time I looked all the ads were deleted.
Has anybody tried to email the seller on eBay for some info on them. Looks like same speakers but different seller (or at least seller I.D.) I would love to get a pair of Beethovens but now I'm a bit leary of these with all of the jumping around of listings and lack of responses to emails