Did you see the BAT VK51SE ?

Check out the show report...


Has a pic with the cover off, looks different than my 50se. I wonder what the sound diff is and if a upgrade will be available? Anyone hear this yet, or is it just a prototype?
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I spoke with Victor of BAT. The upgrade from a VK50 to a 51se is $3500. The upgrade from a 50SE to a 51SE is $1300.

The faceplate is changed to the same one used on their new integrated. See their website. I think there is a power supply upgrade and other tweaks that are part of the upgrade.

I'm sending mine in this week.
Saw the 31SE at the Home Entertainment show last week. The 30 gets the same upgrade as the 50.
Does anyone have more specifics on the upgrade? What exactly is upgraded in the power supply? I'm completely satisfied with my BAT VK30se and I'm not sure I like the new two-tone front panel color scheme.
I've checked out the BAT web site and can find no mention of a VK51SE upgrade. That said the plain jane VK50SE looks like one of the best pre-amps out there. I am very curious about how it stacks up against the Sonic Frontiers Line 3. One place where it appears to have an edge is with the resistive volume control. The Line 3 looks to have the superior power supply. Any comments?